Accurate Fuel Monitoring System

Save big on operational costs and manage your fuel utility with ease.


Precise Fuel Monitoring with Omnichex’s
Fuel Level Sensor

Avoid Fuel Theft

Stay steps ahead from pilferage with the help of our fuel tracking device. Get instant alerts about fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption.

Remote Tank Monitoring

Omnichex’s robust fuel consumption meter ensures that you get accurate fuel refill and drain location updates on map, and are informed about the fuel level status.

Fuel Efficiency Reports

Get precise data about the complete fuel log of your vehicle. Obtain detailed reports about refuelling, draining and mileage with our fuel tank level sensor.


Our IP-69K rated fuel sensor utilises state-of-the-art capacitance based technology that comes with reliable and consistent data delivery, a fire proof body and minimal maintenance.

Fuel Wastage Detection

Leverage Omnichex’s fuel monitoring sensor to be mindful of fuel wastage by idling and adverse driving practices, and save big on fuel costs.

All Vehicles Supported

With a wide application range, our fuel monitoring system can be fitted in tanks of all kinds of vehicles, ranging from cars to commercial vehicles.

Our Fuel Tracking System
Has It All!

With fuel prices in India skyrocketing, it is essential that any vehicle operator, be it a car, a bike or a truck owner, is mindful of their fuel consumption and the subsequent costs. Fuel accounts for one of the major operational expenditures incurred by fleet owners. However, private vehicle owners too prioritise minimising their fuel costs. That is where Omnichex’s fuel sending unit comes into play.

Fuel Sensor for Trucks

Fleet owners across the world have to critically manage their operational costs, and are the primary users of a fuel consumption meter. Providing fleet management fuel monitoring services are what sets Omnichex apart.

Car Fuel Sensor

Owning a private vehicle subjects you to numerous overheads. To enhance the longevity of your car, it is imperative that you are updated with its fuel utilisation. Our fuel level sensor does exactly that for you, and much more.

Bus Fuel Level Sensor

With Omnichex’s fuel pressure sensor, you can enable your bus fleet to run with great efficiency. We take the worry of technical maintenance of your buses off your mind with our capacitive
fuel tank level sensor.

Get the Best Fuel Sensor

There are many factors that lead to heightened vehicular operational costs, from unnecessary idling, poor driving habits to missed maintenance appointments. On the whole, they are the contributing factors to increased fuel consumption and wastage.

A Fuel Sensor That Makes Vehicle Management Simple

Omnichex’s fuel management solutions dole out cost-effective fuel monitoring, keeping a keen eye on fuel consumption rate, mileage and specific fuel levels at all times. Our fuel sensor, which is fitted into the fuel tank, gathers data and relays it in the form of detailed and accurate reports.

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