Best GPS Tracker For Bikes in India

Ensure Two Wheeler Safety & Maintenance with Omnichex’s GPS tracker for bikes


Why is Omnichex’s GPS bike tracker
the best in India ?

Effective and Insightful

Your vehicle safety is our first priority. Doesn’t matter if it is with you or some thousands kilometers away. It gives exclusive access to your vehicle location, with mapping data.

Bike Lock

You are not sure if you have properly locked your vehicle or not? Worry Not. We have you covered. You can now lock it from any remote locations around the world with just a click on your phone through the Omnichex GPS Locator.

live alerts

How will you like it if you get every detail of your vehicle in a small app in your phone, inscribed with every minute detail? Well, Omnichex heard you. Get all instant alerts on over speeding and even idling thanks to our GPS security system.

Motorcycle Health

You are not sure how much your mileage is? Do you think your petrol cost is having a hole in your pocket? Say, No More. Omnichex enables you to have an in detail specifics about your mileage and Motorcycle health though its GPS tracker.

Two-wheeler security

Having complete control over your bikes helps, doesn’t it? Well, through our tracking software, Omnicx enables you to see if it is parked where it is supposed to be and act on it accordingly. No more No Parking fees, mate.

Monitor Fuel Expenses

Omnichex helps you save big on fuel expenditure and manage your operational costs. Now monitor the driver’s behaviour and scale down on idling with our online GPS location tracker for the bike.

Our GPS Bike Tracking Device
Has It All!

In the world of extra competitiveness and riding the wave of momentum, we are on a plane of quality - never compromised on the potential that new innovation brings all the time to cater to IoT (Internet of Things). Omnichex has had the sole motive of standing out and we would like to believe, on the basis of feedback from thousands of happy customers we did that with elan. Through our GPS tracking device for bikes, you have the exclusive access to track your bike, and get detailed reports about its every detail. Your bike’s full-proof security is our endgame. Come and grab Omnichex’s best GPS tracking device to live stress free.


Bike Management

There is so much more to GPS tracker for bikes than basic route navigation. With Omnichex, you can have a bike navigation GPS that provides you a holistic view into how your bike is performing.


We Can Help You
Bring Back Your Vehicle

It is not uncommon for bikes to get stolen, but with Omnichex’s Motorcycle GPS tracker in India, your vehicle is in safe hands. Our anti theft GPS tracker for bikes helps you locate the exact position.


We Cater
To All Bike Types

If you are in the misconception that we only cater to high-end bikes, let me burst the myth for you. From standard motorcycles to glamourous sports bikes, our one size fits all.

Get the Best Bike Tracking System

This is an extremely low-budget yet mighty effective tool. Unlike others, we believe in fine assessment tools while not creating a hole in your pocket. What are you waiting for?

Gain Insights With Our Best
GPS Bike Tracker App

Through Omnichex GPS System for Bike, you will have the facility to track your bike from anywhere in the world, with the help of a one click on your smartphone. Be it Android or iPhone, you have our back.
You will get all the updates about the current location of your motorcycle, and will get our emergency SOS alerts while on the road or off it.

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